A/Y Mimarlık

KBSolar – Green Building



Project                      :  2015

Construction           :  2017

Construction Area :  200 m²

KBSolar – Green Building is designed as the prototype of the environment friendly green, ecological building which is planned to be built in larger numbers in the future. The two storey building is going to be built within the GEPOSB factory site of KBS Co. to be used as RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT CENTER and MEETING HALL. The structural system of the building is wood. Laminated and impregnated wooden columns and beams shall be prepared in the KBS factory and shall be mounted in situ by stainless steel jointing elements. A modular system of 1.80 m x 3.60 m is used. Flooring is  plywood. On top of it sound insulation and wooden parquet shall be covered. The form of the ceiling above the main hall is determined by the layout of the solar panels which are placed perpendicular to north and south directions horizontally at an angle of 90 degrees to each other and vertically at an angle of approximately 50 degrees to optimize the yearly solar radiation. Triangular roof windows are placed along both sides of the diagonal main to provide light to the depth of thr building. The wintergarden extending at the southeast and southwest facades of the building helps the seasonal sun and heat control. Half of the roof is green roof, and the other half overlooking the nearby forest is covered with wooden deck . All the electrical and mechanical systems used in the building are autocontrolled.


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