A/Y Mimarlık

The Presidential Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall



Construction            : 2008

Construction Area   : 5500 m²

The building in Ulus, Ankara which was built as an exhibition hall in 1958 and later converted to a concert hall, has undergone partial modifications in the meantime. The building was totally and comprehensively renovated by A/Y MİMARLIK under the sponsorship of DOGUS HOLDING, in accordance with the project prepared by architect Özgür Ecevit.

In order to improve the acoustical quality of the concert hall, the concrete ceiling above it was torn down to heighten the space and increase its volume. Besides, by implementing other acoustical measures such as using lead sheets and acoustical chipboard panels, the ceiling was totally rebuilt. Measures have been taken to improve the acoustical performance of the stage and the concert hall which has 750 seats.

The outdated foyer, backstage, training rooms, cafeteria and resting rooms have all been rearranged into functional and contemporary spaces. Structurally the partial loadbearing parts of the building have been reinforced by steel structure and reinforced concrete. All the mechanical and electrical infrastructure has been renewed to provide a satisfactory comfort level the concert hall needs. In addition to the inadequate main foyer a modern new foyer, made of steel structure and glass, has been added to the rear facade of the building where a new parking has also been built. The interior finishing materials chosen are all compatible with the character of the original building. The new landscape of the surrounding yards is harmonious with the monumental and prestigious identity of the building.


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